Apr 26, 2013

Preplay : Blocks that matter

On June 19 2012 the Cube Pack hit the Steam Store front for €8,99.
It included Bit. Trip Runner, Blocks That Matter, Critical Mass, Edge, Q.U.B.E. and Rush.
I was especially interested in Q.U.B.E. after watching a Giant Bomb quick look.
The other games were a nice bonus as I figured most of the games in this pack would be snack sized games that I could play during lunch.

The only game in the pack I had some knowledge about, besides Q.U.B.E. and Bit. Trip Runner, was Blocks that matter (BTM).
Giant bomb recorded a quick look for this game as well and I remember being mildly interested in the game going into the quick look.
By the end of the video I found the gameplay to look rather bland and slow, rendering BTM another game that never set foot on my hard drive.

Blogger user Phoenix commented the following on my postplay of And Yet It Moves in regards to BTM
Blocks That Matter! Yeah!It's much longer and more difficult than AYIM (well, if you're a type-A perfectionist like me...). OLD-SCHOOL hard. You will probably get almost to the end of at least one level only to discover that you needed to have done something different way at the beginning, and have to replay the whole thing.
I loved it.
Even though Phoenix is very enthusiastic about the game, the thing I take away from this is that I can get to the end of a level only to find out I'll have to do the entire level again. In my book that isn't old school hard, that's bad level design.
Don't get me wrong, I don't mind games being difficult, as long as they are fair as well. A prime example of this is Super Meat Boy.
I hope BTM won't force me to grind my way through levels by means of trial and error. If I get to the end of a level and notice that an earlier mistake has made it impossible to complete it, but I could have foreseen this by carefully examining the problem beforehand, then I'm at fault and the game is fair.

Whatever the case may be, I expect BTM to be nothing more or less than mediocre.
There will be some fun parts for sure but over the whole I expect to come out of the game with only 'meh' on my mind.


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