Apr 10, 2013

Full steam ahead : intro

These are exciting times for gamers!
After last year's release of the Wii U the announcement of the Playstation 4 really announced the end of a console generation.

Last time this happened I was about 17 years old, which meant I had several years of saving in front of me until I would be able to buy the console I preferred.
This gave me time to get through a backlog of fantastic games that came out for the systems I already owned but hadn't played yet.
A big benefit to this was that the console I wanted to buy kept getting cheaper while I was saving up and in addition most games I bought were classics that had seen significant price cuts over the years.
I have decided that I will take a similar approach this time and wait a couple of years before buying one of the new consoles.
This time around not out of necessity but there are still plenty of games I want to play that I never came around to during this console cycle. I also have a decent gaming PC that will be able to play recent games for at least 3 more years.
So I can wait until the prices drop and the system exclusives have piled up enough to justify the purchase of my next gen console.

This generation has brought something special to the table though... STEAM SALES.
Many of us have spent money on games that never even found their way to our hard drives. My steam list counts 159 games of which 120 have never been played beyond the 5 hour mark and a staggering 53 have never even been installed!

I decided that enough is enough.
I've spent too many well earned euros on nothing more than a name in a list.
This has to change so I decided to play every game in my library that hasn't hit the 5 hour mark until :

  • the 5 hour mark has been hit
  • the game has been completed before I hit the 5 hour mark (main quest)
  • I'm loving the game and have played longer than the 5 hour mark

When I'm done with a game I will write up my thoughts on it and post them here.
For each game I will try to list :

  • Why I initially decided to buy the game (if I still remember)
  • What my expectations were before I started playing
  • What the game is
  • How my experience compared to my expectation
  • Whether or not I recommend installing the game should it be in your own backlog (or if it's really good maybe even advise you to buy it)

I'm also planning on (but can't promise I'll get around to this) :

  • A video compilation of screen captures and commentaries while playing the game
  • A video version of the blogpost you'll find here
  • An introduction video for each game

I really hope I'll keep this up, I guess it will depend on my first couple of experiences and whether or not I'll get some response/feedback on these posts.
Here goes nothing, first game on the list :
A Game of Thrones - Genesis


Matthias said...

Great idea. I have the same issue, might take a few pages from your book.

SimoensS said...

The first 62 minutes of agot-g are a fact.
4 more hours to go!

xX-Kobi-Xx said...

the same thing heppnd to me , i have 101 games on my steam and i didnt play about 20 of them and 20 more i have no more than 2h in game .

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