Apr 12, 2013

Preplay : A Game of Thrones - Genesis

Ever since my wife and I started watching the HBO series 'Game of Thrones' I have been hooked on the universe George RR. Martin created.
Following the lives of Queen Cersei, Daenerys Targaryen, the Hound, Hodor and many other fictional characters, Game of Thrones caught my interest in a way not many other franchises have been able to.
Needless to say, when season two of the show came to an end and the long wait for season three began I was hungry for more content.

I knew the series was based on the novel series 'a song of ice and fire' so I put these on my new year's wishlist.
Different people got me different books in the series and I was all set to go.
In a matter of weeks I made my way through books one and two and dived head first into new content.
Around this time I noticed a steam sale for two Game of Thrones games. One was simply called 'Game of Thrones' the other 'A Game of Thrones - Genesis' (later refered to as agot-g).
It is the latter I will discuss today.

I remember doing a quick google search when buying the games to find out if they were any good.
The reviews I found for agot-g were mostly mediocre to negative resulting in a metacritic score of 53.
Being a guy that
this didn't stop me from spending my money though.
It did however stop me from ever installing the game.

I don't know for sure what part of the story agot-g covers but going from the artwork I suspect it isn't tied in with the television series. I'm not sure if it features main characters from the books or if you play from a perspective along the lines of the main story.
Either way, based on the reviews I found and earlier experiences I had with book or television show adaptations to video games, I can only assume winter is coming and that's not a good thing.


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