May 19, 2013

Preplay : Bad rats: the Rats' Revenge

When I started Full Steam Ahead I let my friends know on Facebook. One of them, Styn, commented the following

You are crazy and you're getting Bad Rats when it's on sale on Steam!
He didn't wait that long though, a few days later I've got an email from Steam saying one of my friends had gifted me this invent4 game and I knew the only reason was to mess with me. Thanks Styn!

While looking at screenshots for this game it's obvious that Bad rats: the Rats' Revenge (BRTRR) is a budget title. It was released in 2009 but the graphical quality looks at least 5 years older. When searching Youtube for some gameplay footage the first link I found was to a video called 'Why do I own... Bad Rats'. Things aren't looking good for BRTRR.

What I can gather from the screenshots is that this is a physics game. My guess is that I'm to get the rats in a certain position in order to kill the unfortunate cat seen in the screenshots. I have played a few physics games in the past with a similar goal and I mostly enjoyed them. I like putting the solution together one piece at a time and creating my very own Rube Goldberg machines.
If the programming is bad and the physics are unreliable though the whole concept falls flat and I'm in for five hours of bugs and physics engine flipouts. Unfortunately my time preparing for this preplay has let me to believe that this will be the case as the only positive reviews I can find for this game appear to be trolls.

In all honesty I'm looking forward to my time with BRTRR in some weird way. I expect it to be an atrocity of a game but that might just make it interesting to see. You can learn a lot from good games but often times you can learn just as much from really bad ones. If by any chance I happen to find some good gameplay hidden deep within the game that would be for the best of course. But I'm a warned man and I know I'm buckling up for a bumpy ride.


Styn said...

It actually went on sale the next weekend! So I payed peanuts for it! And if you pay peanuts you get... bad rats apparantly...

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